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Major Event

Korean dancer-in-residence program

みなと新潟春フェスタ Noism2×プロジェクションマッピング『Kiss Of Light』

みなと新潟春フェスタ Noism2×プロジェクションマッピング『Kiss Of Light』

Young choreographer competition, which is the most exciting and draws many future-promised dancers, was established in the Culture City of East Asia and Niigata Noism Award in November, 2014. Lim Woobin won the award then, and was invited to Niigata last year. He lived there from March to December 2015, and joined Noism 2. He joined four public performances as well as regular lessons and rehersals.

His invitation gave us a valuable opportunity to think about our idea for stage performances by observing a series of positive interactions for 10 months between young dancers who grew up and were trained in different cultural environments of Japan and South Korea.

  • Noism2×永島流新潟樽砧伝承会『赤降る校庭 さらにもう一度 火の花散れ』 水と土の芸術祭2015 参加作品 Photo: 村井勇

  • Noism2定期公演『Painted Desert』(再演) Photo: 村井勇

Event Information

Event Date (2015) 5月2日~5月3日、8月22日~8月23日、12月11日~12月13日
Main Participants 公益財団法人新潟市芸術文化振興財団
Event Location 5月2日・3日:みなとぴあ野外、8月22日・23日:旧二葉中学校グランド、12月11日~13日:新潟市民芸術文化会館
Contact Information


Website URL りゅーとぴあ公式サイト
Introduction of Event

A dancer has been invited from Korea for the Noism's dancer-in-residence program to perform with Noism2. Mr. Lim Woobin, who won the Culture City of East Asia Niigata Noism Award at the contest for young choreographers held in November 2014 at Seoul, Korea, is now joining this program.

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