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Major Event

Sohodori-Taisoh (Active Seniors Niigata Sohodori Project)



We provided old people with opportunities where they could do exercise and find a new pastime actively through dance. They attended dance workshops at local community counters or health counters, and also danced with "Papaya Suzuki," a popular choreographer at "Niigata So Odori Festival."

At the event, old people performed in front of a large audience. By offering such an opportunity of pubic performance, we could appeal to both inside and outside of Japan. Cultural activities could contribute providing a feasible and sound answer for the problem of an aging society. It is important to work on their emotional, physical and social health as a social issue.

  • イベント参加「にいがた総おどり祭」

  • 体験会などを各区で開催

  • イベント参加「アート・ミックス・ジャパン」

  • イベント参加「にいがた総おどり祭」

Event Information

Event Date (2015) 4月~12月
Main Participants 新潟市(受託者:新潟総踊り祭実行委員会) 共催:「東アジア文化都市2015新潟市」実行委員会
Event Location 市内各所
Contact Information


Website URL 市公式ホームページ(総おどり体操)
Introduction of Event

The Sohodori-Taisoh is a new form of exercise developed by utilizing the dance culture of Niigata City. Meetings to learn how to do this exercise are held in respective wards of the city, while those who learned it join events including the Niigata Sohodori Festival. It helps senior citizens to enjoy healthy and happy living. Choreographer Papaya Suzuki did the choreography of the exercise focusing on the strengthening of lower body and facilitating blood flow. Why don't you try Sohodori-Taisoh? We are sure many generations can enjoy it.

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