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Major Event

Water and Land Niigata Art Festival 2015



This was the third ‘Water and Land Niigata Art Festival.’ This time, its main stage for the exhibitions was "KATA (lagoon)," the symbol of water and soil which is the identity of Niigata. Various art-related projects as well as the exhibitons made people think about the linkage between themselves and their ancestors by visiting, learning and experiencing lagoons.

Furthermore, the art festival was the main event during the prime period of a year- long "Niigata, Culture City of East Asia 2015" to actively promote cultural exchange within the East Asian region including Japan, China and South Korea. The theme of the art festival was to draw the appeal of Niigata's unique history, culture and natural scenery, which has not been done anywhere else in the world. The total number of visitors for the festival was 775,266 during an 87 day period. Free admission might be a reason we attracted such a large number of people. It was good to see everyone enjoyed the event.

  • ベースキャンプ(旧二葉中学校) 撮影:中村 脩

  • 水と土の芸術祭2015オープニングセレモニー 撮影:中村 脩

  • 水と土の芸術祭2015オーケストラNIIGATA! 撮影:中村 脩

  • 水と土の芸術祭2015クロージングセレモニー 撮影:中村 脩

Event Information

Event Date (2015) 7月18日~10月12日
Main Participants 水と土の芸術祭2015実行委員会 共催:「東アジア文化都市2015新潟市」実行委員会
Event Location 新潟市内全域
Contact Information

水と土の芸術祭2015実行委員会事務局 (新潟市水と土の文化推進課内)

Website URL 水と土の芸術祭2015公式サイト
Introduction of Event

Guiding Theme:Where have we come from? Where are we going? -From Niigata's Water & Land: Examining the Future through the Present and the Past- Working with the theme of "water and land," the Water and Land Art Festival 2015 aims to reclaim the history, life-cultures, and traditional crafts of various regions. Working in collaboration with Niigata's citizens, these will be refined and presented to wide audiences through the medium of contemporary art. The festival will develop five types of projects: "art projects," "citizen's projects," "children's projects," "symposium," and "food and hospitality."

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