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Major Event

Culture City of East Asia 2015 Niigata - Closing Event

フィナーレ 出演者全員集合

フィナーレ 出演者全員集合

We presented the event for the grand finale of "Niigata, Culture City of East Asia 2015". We presented mainly cultural events and exchanges between Niigata, Qingdao and Cheongju over the last year. Many entertainment groups proudly representing Niigata appeared on the stage performing distinctive acts. They never lost the audience's attention using the magic of "Genuine Niigata Culture." Sachiko Kobayashi, the Cultural Goodwill Ambassador and Negicco introduced their superb performances. Chinese and South Korean entertaiment groups livened it up with their sophisticated traditional techniques and texture of sounds. Thanks to all perofromers, we could wrap up the year-long project.

According to the research by questionnaire, more than 90 percent of the audience commented, "they are very satisfied with the event" or "staisfied with it." We had a lot of positive feedback: for example, "every single performance was soulfull as well as superb"; "It was interesting to find the difference among Japanese, Chinese and South Korean cultures and the uniqueness of each"; and "I enjoyed rediscovering the richness and depth of Niigata culture." Based on a number of positive feedback, we can say that the event became a successful opportunity to let Niigata people learn about three cultures, as well as to become fond of and proud of their own local culture.

  • 古町芸妓をはじめ新潟の芸能が多数出演しました

  • Negiccoや新潟市芸能団による「にいがた☆JIMAN」披露

  • Negicccoのステージはメドレーを披露、会場を沸かせました。

  • 小林幸子さんのステージは圧巻の一言。会場を魅了しました。

Event Information

Event Date (2015) 11月23日
Main Participants 「東アジア文化都市2015新潟市」実行委員会、新潟市
Event Location 朱鷺メッセ 新潟コンベンションセンター 2階 メインホール(スノーホール)
Contact Information


Website URL 東アジア文化都市2015新潟市公式サイト
Introduction of Event

For a year, as a part of intensive cultural exchange with Qingdao in China and Cheongju in South Korea, the event of "Culture city of East Asia 2015 Niigata" has been held. Performance groups from the three cities have partnered up and after a-year-long efforts, their finely honed skills and sounds will ceremoniously close the event. From Niigata City, Culture City of East Asia 2015 Niigata Cultural Goodwill Ambassador, Sachiko Kobayashi will appear on stage, the event will be led by Negicco and various songs and dances will be performed.

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