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Major Event

“Aesthetics of Calligraphy in East Asia”: Events featuring a thematic exhibition, international symposium, and more.

国際シンポジウム 共同討議

国際シンポジウム 共同討議

A series of the events whose theme was "aesthetics of calligraphy" was held. The special exhibition featured Chinese art works created from the Zhou to Qing dynasty which belong to Fujii Saiseikai Yurinkan Museum of Art. Among them, stones and metal works with engraved characters and calligraphy works by famous artists in its history especially attracted visitors because it is otherwise difficult to see these works. We succeeded in inviting famous scholars as lecturers to our international symposium. The symposium itself ended in great success as people actively participated in the discussion, and as a result it proved Niigata's reputation as "the area of flourishing calligraphy" to be true. In additon, as a related event, we ran a calligraphy exhibition exchange program among cities chosen as Culture Cities of East Asia, which displayed carved Chinese characters by Tosen Usuda and his fellow calligraphers. There were also many families who participated in a calligraphy workshop led by college students, because it was an event in which they could actively participate. Their experience was enjoyable and unforgettable. A calligraphy performance by students from the calligraphy club of Tokyo Gakkan High School also entertained people through their dynamic motions in drawing calligraphy works.

  • 国際シンポジウム

  • 大学生によるワークショップ

  • 東アジア文化都市市民交流書道展

  • 東京学館新潟高等学校により書道パフォーマンス

Event Information

Event Date (2015) 8月1日~9月9日
Main Participants 「東アジア<書の美学>」実行委員会、「東アジア文化都市2015新潟市」実行委員会 特別協力:文化庁
Event Location 書の美ヒストリア(藤井有鄰館所蔵名品):會津八一記念館及び文化の記憶館、東アジア文化都市市民交流書道展(薄田東仙と仲間の刻字展):新潟市民芸術文化会館ギャラリー、【国際シンポジウム】東アジアにおける<書の美学>の伝統と変容:新潟市民芸術文化会館能楽堂、高校生パフォーマンス・大学生ワークショップ:メディアシップみなと広場・そらの広場
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Introduction of Event We present the exhibition “Aesthetics of Calligraphy in East Asia”, featuring the Chinese calligraphy works of Fuji Yurin-kan. Also, we present an exhibition of carved Chinese characters by Tosen Usuda and his fellow calligraphers. Moreover, we have organized an international symposium discussing the traditions and changes in the aesthetics of calligraphy in East Asia where international researchers, including Chinese and Korean experts, will present their research outcomes and discuss the subject. In addition to the symposium, local high school students give a performance of calligraphy, and local college students will give a calligraphy workshop.

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