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Major Event

Gata Fest Vol. 6 (The Sixth Niigata Anime and Manga Festival)



The sixth annual festival of Manga and Anime, “GATAFES, Niigata Anime and Manga Festival,” was held. For the festival, content-rich and unique exhibitions were displayed which depened on the uiqueness of Niigata, a city of Manga and Anime. Also, other events were held, such as stage performances by voice actors and anison singers (anime song singer), an Itasha exhibition (cars decorated with anime characters), a Cosplay (costume play) parade, and a Manga drawing workshop. Moreover, there were many other attractions related to anime and manga: food venders of local restaurants in the Furumachi area, booths of anime and other character goods, and a stamp rally. Many visitors came from outside of Niigata prefecture and overseas, and the festival saw people from various areas and age groups enjoy the event. It was two days when you saw anime and manga everywhere in Niigata.

  • 多彩な展示は「マンガ・アニメのまち にいがた」ならでは

  • 新会場の万代シテイパークも大盛り上がり

  • 98式AVイングラムの大迫力デッキアップ

  • 旧齋藤家別邸では安田弘之先生タイアップ企画を展開

Event Information

Event Date (2015) 10月24日~10月25日
Main Participants にいがたアニメ・マンガフェスティバル実行委員会(新潟市/JAM日本アニメ・マンガ専門学校/ガタケット事務局/にいがたマンガ大賞実行委員会/有限会社オフィスK)
Event Location 万代・古町・白山エリア
Contact Information


Website URL がたふぇすVol.6(第6回にいがたアニメ・マンガフェスティバル)公式サイト
Introduction of Event The Gata Fest (Niigata Anime and Manga Festival) is a festival of manga and anime held in Niigata City, where many of famous manga artists and anime creators were born and grown. The Bandai, Furumachi, and Hakusan areas serve as the sites for a wide variety of events, such as stage performances by popular voice actors and anime song singers, exhibits of original anime drawings and decorated cars, and cosplayers' parades. Through this event, we aim to raise the profile of Niigata as a city of manga and anime.

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