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Major Event

2015 Niigata Office Art Street



As a one of the main projects of Niigata Culture City of East Asia 2015, art works, selected publicly or by judges, were displayed in the windows of office buildings and at other spots on Masaya-koji and Higashi-odori, which are main streets of Niigata city. This year's theme for art works was "Niigata, a Port City: the City leading to East Asia", and the works were related to Japan, China, and South Korea.

  • 優秀賞作品:「Cloudy day」

  • 優秀賞作品:「グラサンストーリー」

  • 表彰式

  • 路上プレゼン

Event Information

Event Date (2015) 9月26日~10月25日
Main Participants NIIGATAオフィス・アート・ストリート実行委員会  共催:「東アジア文化都市2015新潟市」実行委員会
Event Location 柾谷小路、東大通
Contact Information


Website URL NIIGATAオフィス・アート・ストリート(新潟市公式サイト)
Introduction of Event Windows of the buildings facing Masaya-koji and Higashi-oodori, the main streets in Niigata City, are used as a showcase for the selected art works during this program. The city center comes alive with the art pieces and people walking and enjoying the exhibit, creating an environment in which visitors can feel history and culture of the port town Niigata.

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