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Major Event

NIDF2015 - Niigata International Dance Festival

During the Niigata Dance Festival, Japanese, Chinese, and South Korean dance companies presented their unique performance on three separate days. Daegu City Modern Dance Company of South Korea entertained the audience with their knowledge of contemporary dance, showing powerful movemnts to rhythmical tunes. On the other hand, City Contemporary Dance Company of Hong Kong, China intrigued viwers and got all of them excited by synchronizing their moves with the projected images. Noism 0 of Niigata, Japan appeared on the stage on the last day of the festival. Their overwhelming solo performace and impeccable group performance impressed an almost capacity audience and made a strong impact on the viewers, who did not stop applauding and even gave the performers a standing ovation. Also, a discussion program allowed the three art directors of the dance companies to discuss dance performance activities in their own countries and their ideals. It became a furuitful opportunity for them and others since they were able to consdier and discuss the future of theaterical activities and dance companies in Asia based on their cultural differences and commonalities.

  • 大邱市立舞踊団 Photo: 村井勇 Isamu Murai

  • 大邱市立舞踊団 Photo: 村井勇 Isamu Murai

  • 城市当代舞踊団 Photo: 村井勇 Isamu Murai

  • Noism0 愛と精霊の家 The House of Spirit Photo: 篠山紀信 Kishin Shinoyama

Event Information

Event Date (2015) 8月21、23、28日、9月4日
Main Participants 新潟市/公益財団法人新潟市芸術文化振興財団 共催:「東アジア文化都市2015新潟市」実行委員会 特別協力:香港特別行政区政府 駐東京経済貿易代表部
Event Location 公演:新潟市民芸術文化会館、文化鼎談:新潟県民会館
Contact Information


Website URL NIDF特設サイト
Introduction of Event Three dance companies, each established as a first professional dance company in Japan, Korea and China for creation of contemporary works, gather at Ryutopia, the Niigata-City Performing Arts Center. From Korea is Daegu City Modern Dance Company (DCMDC) and from China is City Contemporary Dance Company (CCDC), both performing in Japan for the first time. From Japan, Noism0, a new project company emerging out of Noism, joins the festival. Four programs including new pieces will be performed, and the artistic directors from three dance companies will have a talk under the theme of culture.

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