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Forty-two entries from a total of fourteen countries and areas were in the International Projection Mapping Competition whose theme was "Cross / Kosa." Sixteen entries from a total of seven countries and areas which passed preliminarry judging were presented. The grand prize went to "Hyakki Yagyo (Night Parade of One-hundred Demons)" by Neba Studio from Macau of PRC. The Audience Prize, which was decided by visitors' votes, went to "Cross of Culture - Ukiyo-E-Do -" by One, a mapper from Japan. In addition to the competitors, three guest creators from overseas presented their spectacular works, which intrigued a lot of visitors and other creators. On the stage, the guest creators talked about their love for their works and circumstances of projection mapping in various countries. Also, KOHARU SUGAWARA, a dancer and choreographer got nine-thousand viewers excited with her dance with sharp movements, which was syncronized with the images of projection mapping.

  • グランプリ作品

  • 海外ゲストクリエイター作品

  • ゲストクリエイタートーク

  • KOHARU SUGAWARAスペシャルステージ

Event Information

Event Date (2015) 9月19日~9月23日
Main Participants 新潟市 共催:「東アジア文化都市2015新潟市」実行委員会 協力:新潟市文化・スポーツコミッション 企画・プロデュース:一般財団法人プロジェクションマッピング協会
Event Location 新潟市歴史博物館みなとぴあ
Contact Information


Introduction of Event Sub-theme: International Projection Mapping competition / 1 minute projection mapping 2015 We present "Niigata☆MINATOPIKA", an event that is centered around an international projection mapping competition. The competition’s goal is to expand the local exchange population, vitalize local creative industries, and develop local human resources by introducing the charm of Niigata as a port city and culture creation city to people inside Niigata and all around the world.

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