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Major Event

Mongolian Calligraphy Exhibition for Friendship

馬頭琴奏者 デルゲルマーさんによるアトラクション

馬頭琴奏者 デルゲルマーさんによるアトラクション

For the first time in Niigata, more than 40 Mongolian Calligraphy works were exhibited. At the opening ceremony on the first day of the exhibition, with high expectations for a good relationship between two countries, Mongolia's ambassador to Japan said, "I pray that this event will be a starting point for the friendship between Niigata and Mongolia to develop further." Mongolian residents in Japan performed folk music, and Niigata locals enojoyed it while imagining the vast grassland of the country. At a tasting area, the locals enjoyed dairy products and milk tea prepared by local Mongolian residents. Participants enjoyed their simple tastes and learned how to make the products and what the ingredients were. There was a lot of positive feedback from the visitors, the following comment: "this type of event is valuable, and you should run as many events in the future as possible."

  • オープニングセレモニーで挨拶する新潟市長

  • オープニングセレモニーで挨拶する駐日モンゴル国大使

  • 民族音楽アンサンブル「イフ タタラガ」によるアトラクション

  • 会場の様子

Event Information

Event Date (2015) 9月12日~9月30日
Main Participants 新潟市 共催:駐日モンゴル国大使館、「東アジア文化都市2015新潟市」実行委員会
Event Location 知足美術館
Contact Information 新潟市国際課 電話番号:025-226-1677
Website URL 新潟市公式サイト
Introduction of Event In Mongolia, a country of wide open plains in Northeast Asia, they have a unique type of writing. This was derived from the old Uyghur alphabet of the 13th Century, and also has a tradition of calligraphic arts similar to that which exists in Japan. Now, for the first time in Niigata, an exhibition of over 40 Mongolian calligraphy works will be held. On the three days of September 12th(Sat), 13th(Sun), and 27th(Mon), there will be demonstrations of traditional arts such as morin khuur (a stringed musical instrument of Mongolian origin). Additionally, there will be tastings of Mongolian foods and drinks on Saturday and Sunday.

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