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Major Event

"Culture City of East Asia 2015": The Culture Week in Niigata



In the atrium of NEXT21, there was an exhibition of famous cultural artifacts from two cities, Qingdao and Cheongiu, to introduce their cultures. For example, a water and ink-wash paintings from Qingdao and a reproduced "Jikji", the world's oldest metal printed text, and “Gyoo Bang Gong Ye (sewing and needle works)” from Cheongiu. Also, two cities set up exhibition booths in the event space of Niigata Festival to facilitate cultural exchange between them and local people. Artists from Qingdao showed walnut carvings and paper cutting, and practitioners from Cheongju served South Korean traditional tea and calligraphy artists performed KARI, Cheongiu style calligraphy. Moreover, entertainment groups from two cities performed acrobatics and K-Pop dance on the stage of the event space. Visiting groups of Qingdao and Cheongiu developped friendship with Niigata local people while experiencing culture of Niigata city through Dai Minyo Nagashi (folk dance by a large group of people) and fireworks viewing during Niigata festival.

  • お祭り広場ステージ

  • 青島市PRブースクルミ彫

  • 清州市PRブースカリパフォーマンス

  • 民謡流し

Event Information

Event Date (2015) 8月2日~8月9日
Main Participants 「東アジア文化都市2015新潟市」実行委員会  特別協力 文化庁
Event Location

作品展示:NEXT21 1F アトリウム

Contact Information


Website URL 東アジア文化都市2015新潟市公式サイト
Introduction of Event This is a week dedicated to introducing the cultures of Niigata, Japan; Qingdao, China; and Cheongju, South Korea, which are designated as the Culture Cities of East Asia 2015. We will present an exhibition of well-known water-color paintings from Qingdao, China, and Gyoo Bang Gong Ye(sewing and needle works)from Cheongju, South Korea. Also, an acrobatic troupe from Qingdao and a K-POP dance team from Cheongju will perform on the Niigata Festival event stage. Furthermore, Qingdao will introduce their skillful nut cracking and paper cutting at their exhibition booth, and Cheongju will serve Korean tea at theirs to facilitate cultural exchange with Niigata locals.

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