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Major Event

Niigata Jazz Street



"Niigata Jazz Street" was a music event where guest musicians from all over East Asia, as well as many local musicians, played various styles of Jazz and other closely-related genres at local bars, restaurants, and other music venues. One-day pass holders could enter all venues freely. On the day of the event, Niigata was dubbed "a city of music" for the whole day. Jazz musicians from China and South Korea also joined the event this year and contributed towards this cultural exchange of music.

  • ジャズストリートの様子2

  • ジャズストリートの様子3

  • ジャズストリートの様子4

Event Information

Event Date (2015) 7月18日~7月19日
Main Participants NPO法人新潟ジャズストリート実行委員会/新潟市 共催:「東アジア文化都市2015新潟市」実行委員会
Event Location 音楽文化会館他
Contact Information NPO法人新潟ジャズストリート実行委員会 電話番号:025-223-4349
Website URL 新潟ジャズストリート公式サイト
Introduction of Event In order for us to be recognized as a ""city of Jazz,"" Niigata Jazz Street festival is organized. It also aims to promote a culture of music, and invigorate the central districts of the city with music. Local restaurants and concert halls are the venues for live performance, where local musicians and guest musicians invited from afar play jazz in their own style and show off their performances. Free-access tickets allow visitors to access all the venues. For an entire day, the city becomes a theme park for music in which adults and children can enjoy music together. This year, as Niigata City has been designated as a Culture City of East Asia, jazz musicians from China and Korea are scheduled to join us. We hope you enjoy music and socialize on this occasion.

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