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Major Event

The Niigata International Film Festival



A total of 17 movies, mainly Chinese and South Korean, showed at three locations for the Niigata International Film Festival (or East Asian Film festival) as a part of the Culture City of East Asia program this year.

On the first day of the festival, films were shown free of charge and South Korean actor Kim Myeong Kon was invited for a talk show. He also participated in a signing event after the show.

On the second day, Lim Kah Wai's films were shown and he was invited onto a talk show. He discussed his opinions about film making and shared anecdotes from the shooting of the films.

During the festival, a tour bus ran near filming locations for a Japanese-South Korean movie entitled "No Boys, No Cry". Participants from all over the country joined in the tour.

Event Information

Event Date (2015) 6月20日~6月21日、6月27日~7月5日
Main Participants にいがた国際映画祭実行委員会 共催:新潟市/(公財)新潟市国際交流協会/駐新潟大韓民国総領事館/韓国文化院/「東アジア文化都2015新潟市」実行委員会
Event Location 新潟市民プラザ(6月20日・21日)、新潟・市民映画館シネ・ウインド(6月27日~7月4日)、クロスパルにいがた(7月5日)
Contact Information (公財)新潟市国際交流協会 電話番号:025-225-2727
Website URL にいがた国際映画祭公式サイト
Introduction of Event The Niigata International Film Festival is a film festival organized by Niigata citizens, aiming to ""enhance multicultural symbiosis and cross-cultural understanding through cinema."" Niigata City has been designated as a Culture City of East Asia 2015. The Festival is regarded as part of the events associated with the designation and is also called ""East Asia Film Festival."" This year's program includes essence of cultures of China and Korea to the full extent. Talk-shows with the invited guests are held, and bus tours are planned for visiting famous filming locations in Niigata City.

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