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Major Event

Culture City of East Asia Opening Ceremony and Symposium



Before the opening ceremony there was a pre concert that featured the musical stylings of the koto and shakuhachi performed by Kunpu no Oto. Then, to commence the ceremony, representatives from three cities and the Commissioner for Cultural Affairs greeted the crowd and posed for a commemorative photograph.

A keynote speech by Yoshiyuki Ooshita described the meaning and purpose of the Culture City of East Asia designation and what effects can be expected from it. Kozue Nakayama, Director of the Yokohama Culture and Tourism Bureau, announced the progress the city has made, and a panel discussion with the three city representatives was held. They exchanged valuable opinions on each city's strengths and ongoing projects.
A performing arts show featured guests from the three cities; it included a solemn performance by Niigata Gakuso, a gagaku music group made up of chief Buddhist priests from Niigata.

The opening ceremony concluded with a slideshow featuring messages written by local school students, exchange students in Niigata, and visitors to the event.


  • 開場前には「薫風之音」の琴と尺八の音色がお出迎え

  • 太下氏の基調講演では事業の意義や効果が語られた

  • 3都市代表による熱のこもったパネルディスカッション

  • 新潟市の芸能として新潟楽所が厳かな雅楽を披露した

Event Information

Event Date (2015) 2月27日
Main Participants 「東アジア文化都市2015新潟市」実行委員会/新潟市 共催:文化庁
Event Location りゅーとぴあ 能楽堂
Introduction of Event In addition to the opening ceremony, there will be a symposium hosted by Yoshiyuki Ooshita, an advisor for the Culture City of East Asia Niigata Promotion Project, as well as representatives from each participating city. The symposium will present about the meaning embedded in the Culture City of East Asia designation and describe what projects are underway.
(Hilcrhyme and Neggico will not appear in the opening ceremony and symposium)

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