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Major Event

La Folle Journée de Niigata 2015


"Sub-theme: Passion -- Composers in Love"
La Folle Journée de Niigata is a music fest that features music everyone, from children to classical music fans, can enjoy!
This year, elements from China (the erhu, a traditional instrument) and Korea (pansori, a form of musical storytelling) were incorporated, creating an even more international program than before.

  • 多彩なパフォーマンスが繰り広げられた"交流ステージ"

  • 中国古来の楽器・二胡の演奏

  • 韓国の伝統芸能・パンソリの公演

  • たくさんの子どもたちが楽器体験を楽しみました!

Event Information

Event Date (2015) プレ公演:4月26日 本公演:5月8日~10日
Main Participants ラ・フォル・ジュルネ新潟「熱狂の日」音楽祭実行委員会 共催:「東アジア文化都市2015新潟市」実行委員会
Event Location りゅーとぴあ(コンサートホール・劇場・能楽堂)、燕喜館、旧齋藤家別邸、旧小澤家住宅
Contact Information ラ・フォル・ジュルネ新潟「熱狂の日」音楽祭実行委員会事務局(新潟市文化政策課内) 電話番号: 025-226-2563
Website URL ラ・フォル・ジュルネ新潟2015公式サイト
Introduction of Event La For Journee is a musical festival for fans of all ages, from babies to long standing enthusiasts of classical music. The city as a whole was enveloped in a festive musical mood, and guests were able to experience Niigata's cuisine and culture. This year will also feature elements from China and Korea for an even more international experience!
This festival, which is always popular with audiences, rings in spring time to the Niigata region. This year, as part of the Culture City of East Asia banner, La Folle Journée de Niigata 2015 incorporated elements from Chinese and Korean cultures for an even more international program than before!

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