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Major Event

Art Mix Japan 2015



It was the third year of this event and audience exceeded that of the previous year. The weather was fair, so this free outdoor performance was very successful.

The Culture City of East Asia Premium Stage was a tie-in event, part of the Culture City of East Asia program and featured performers from Korea, China, and Japan. At the finale, we saw the performers of three countries came together to perform "Sakura," a classic Japanese nursery rhyme. The event featured performing arts going back to Japan's roots, such as kabuki, kyogen, and dai-dengaku, as well as a collaboration piece of Noh performers and singers.

For the performance on the 25th, Hideki Togi took the stage for a performance that included his commentary. The final performance on the 26th featured an acoustic shamisen performance by Yoshida brothers, which the audience loved.
Other free performances at theaters and concert halls also proved popular.

  • 東儀秀樹

  • 大田楽

  • 麻衣・梅若紀彰

Event Information

Event Date (2015) 4月25日~4月26日
Main Participants アートミックスジャパン2015実行委員会(新潟総踊り祭実行委員会/新潟商工会議所/新潟市) 共催:公財)新潟市芸術文化振興財団/「東アジア文化都市2015新潟市」実行委員会
Event Location りゅーとぴあ新潟市民芸術文化会館、燕喜館、旧小澤家住宅、行形亭、鍋茶屋、新潟駅南口広場、白山公園空中庭園
Contact Information アートミックスジャパン2015実行委員会事務局 電話番号:025-383-6630
Website URL アート・ミックス・ジャパン2015公式サイト
Introduction of Event "Bringing the culture of Niigata to the world”.
Niigata's traditions have been born out of carefully refined skills and unstinting dedication, revamped through the years through continuous innovation. This spirit and pride defines us as Japanese, and we want to convey these values to the next generation. Seeking to provide a way to learn these values in an accessible and fun manner, this Japanese cultural event gives people from the world over a chance to see and feel Japanese culture.

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