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Major Event

The Opening Event for Culture City of East Asia 2015



Niigata, the 2015 Culture City of East Asia, partnered with performance groups from Qingdao and Cheong-ju to host a special collaborative event. The handsome skills and beautiful sound of the groups ushered in an exciting opening for the program. Niigata's own included Japanese instrumental unit Oto-damashi and the Niigata Sohodori dancers. The impressive performance and sound enthralled the crowd.
Hilcrhyme, guest performers delivered stirring lyrics about their love for Niigata and the goal of Asian harmony, acting as a spokesperson for Niigata for the world. Negicco, as Goodwill ambassadors for Niigata as Culture City of East Asia 2015 also took to the stage and performed ‘Sunshine Nihonkai’, which includes lyrics describing the scenic beauty of Niigata.

Long lines of expectant fans formed before the event, showing the people's high expectation for the show. A survey after the event showed that 90% of those whom attended enjoyed the event, with comments like; "It was a thrilling, fantastic performance." "Seeing three different performing groups at once deepened my understanding of our various cultures differences and strengths." and, "I felt very close to our neighbors in China and Korea and realized that they truly are our nearest neighbors."
These are tremendous responses. The event was successful in promoting the goals of this project and enable the audience to experience and feel close to Japanese, Chinese and Korean cultures.

  • 新潟市独自の優れた踊り文化の一つ、下駄総踊り

  • Hilcrhymeの公演で会場の熱気は最高潮に

  • Hilcrhymeは客席に駆け降りるサプライズも

  • フィナーレは出演者が揃い踏み

Event Information

Event Date (2015) 2月27日
Main Participants 「東アジア文化都市2015新潟市」実行委員会/新潟市 共催:文化庁
Event Location 新潟県民会館 大ホール
Introduction of Event In its role as the Culture City of East Asia 2015, Niigata’s performers partnered with performance groups from Qingdao and Cheong-ju in a live event.
The finely-honed skills and sounds that the group produced were sure to start the program with off a bang. Hilcrhyme will also be appearing as special guests, bringing Niigata's culture to the world.
Negicco, culture ambassadors for Niigata as the Culture City of East Asia 2015, will also take to the stage and perform.

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