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Major Event

New Spring Sino-Japan Culture Festival: Featuring the Harbin Symphony Orchestra


Harbin is noted as a city of skilled musicians, and the Harbin Symphony Orchestra was the first orchestra founded in China. Niigata invited the group for a performance. Compositions from Europe, China, and Japan were performed, in some cases incorporating traditional Chinese instruments like the Erhu and Pipa. Given the uniqueness of the fact that not only is it an Asian orchestra but it comes from our sister-city, Harbin, they seem to have been extremely well received.

  • 始 「春節序曲」 歌や踊りで祝う中国の春節を感じて

  • 独 「賽馬」 広大な大草原を馬で競う情景を二胡で表現

  • 移 「草原小姐妹」 力強い琵琶の演奏を終えて

  • 終 アンコール後、会場からの盛大な拍手を受ける

Event Information

Event Date (2015) 2月26日・2月28日
Main Participants 新潟市国際課  特別協力:文化庁
Event Location 市民プラザ・江南区文化会館
Contact Information 新潟市国際課 電話番号:025-226-1675
Website URL ハルビン交響楽団公演(新潟市公式ホームページ)
Introduction of Event As part of the celebration of the Chinese Lunar New Year, Niigata has partnered with the orchestra of its sister city, the Harbin Symphony Orchestra, to stage a free performance. This renowned orchestra is over one hundred years old and will be heightening the mood for this, the 35th year of the two cities’ partnership.

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