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Major Event

Culture City of East Asia Exchange Project Symposium: Niigata, a Creative City of Gastronomy



The keynote speech looked to the Tokyo Olympics in 2020 and discussed circumstances surrounding food and hospitality, as well as how to achieve a more healthy diet and lifestyle in addition to promoting inter city interchange. Yukio Hattori, known for his global expertise in the realm of food, gave the talk from his unique vantage point.

The panel discussion coordinated by Masayuki Sasaki, one of the leading proponents of ‘creative cities’, involved a presentation of the particularities of the cuisine of each participating city. Mr. Sasaki intuitively explained each dish, while further peppering his speech with his own expert commentary. From this, a productive exchange of ideas took place, deepening participants understanding of cuisine.

The dinner party featured the cuisine of Japan, China, Korea (JCK), and Colombia, as well as alcohol spirits from the JCK countries. It was a luxurious spread of food and drink. Food and drink retailers from each nation mentioned above had a booth, where samples were provided and explained, encouraging a deeper understanding of each country's cuisine as well as fostering international dialogue and understanding.

A show of traditional music and performing arts from the JCK countries during the dinner party lent a festive mood to the occasion.

  • 豪華シェフたちが目の前で調理、出来たてが食べられる贅沢なビュッフェ

  • 青島市現地一流ホテルの王シェフが「山芋のあめに」を披露

  • 韓国料理担当は新潟駅南口の人気韓国料理店「春夏秋冬」

  • 新潟では珍しいコロンビア料理もブースに並ぶ国際色豊かなディナーパーティー

Event Information

Event Date (2015) 2月14日
Main Participants 新潟市 食と花の世界フォーラム組織委員会(新潟市食文化創造都市推進会議)/「東アジア文化都市2015新潟市」実行委員会 特別協力:文化庁
Event Location ホテルイタリア軒3階サンマルコ
Contact Information 新潟市食と花の推進課 電話番号:025-226-1802
Website URL 食文化創造都市にいがたシンポジウム(新潟市公式ホームページ)
Introduction of Event Food researcher Yukio Hattori, an advisor to Niigata on cuisine and beauty, gave a keynote speech at this symposium, which covered the theme of how cuisine can bring the world together. In addition to showcasing the cuisine of Culture Cities of East Asia, the event will give guests a chance to mingle and deepen international understanding and cultural exchange while sampling food from Japan, China, and Korea.

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