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【9/12-9/30】Mongolian Calligraphy Exhibition for Friendship

"B.アルタントヤ 「Muchir(枝)」 "

In Mongolia, a country of wide open plains in Northeast Asia, they have a unique type of writing. This was derived from the old Uyghur alphabet of the 13th Century, and also has a tradition of calligraphic arts similar to that which exists in Japan. Now, for the first time in Niigata, an exhibition of over 40 Mongolian calligraphy works will be held. On the three days of September 12th(Sat), 13th(Sun), and 27th(Mon), there will be demonstrations of traditional arts such as morin khuur (a stringed musical instrument of Mongolian origin). Additionally, there will be tastings of Mongolian foods and drinks on Saturday and Sunday.

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