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Sen-no Kaze ni Natte Talk to Deepen Bonds

To kick off the Culture City of East Asia initiative, on February 21st, 2015, a commemorative talk was given at the Ryutopia concert hall.
The talk was held on the occasion of the “Thousand Winds Music Festival,” a music festival freely expressing the world of the famous song “A Thousand Winds.” Man Arai, the creator of “A Thousand Winds,” asked Koko Lee to cover the song in Chinese and Korean. Akira Shinoda, the mayor of Niigata, talked about how the song “A Thousand Winds” unites Japan, China, and Korea. Further to this the splendor of Niigata’s culture was also discussed, and how knowing about and promoting the culture of our city can lead to international exchange.

Download a summary in PDF format (from the March 22nd issue of the City Bulletin “Niigata”)

  • Scenes from the talk

    Scenes from the talk

  • Man Arai

    Man Arai

  • Koko Lee

    Koko Lee

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  • The full chorus of the “Thousand Winds Music Festival”

    The full chorus of the “Thousand Winds Music Festival”